Lofty Consultants is an India's trusted & unique business and political consulting firm started in 10 September 2020 headquartered in Coimbatore. It is subsidiary firm of Lofty Group. We are doing customized business consulting and political consulting services in India that has been partnering with many companies in multi-sectors. Shri D Prabu is the founder & chief consultant of Lofty Consultants. He is a action prolific thought leader, trusted & unique Indian business analyst and political strategist. Shri Prabu has the vast knowledge and experience to provide specialized tailor-made strategy solutions for both business and politics.

We have been providing business consulting services to multi-level start-ups and MSMEs to improve operations, streamline processes, develop effective strategies and achieve sustainable growth. We understand the ever-evolving business landscape and offer data-driven insights to optimize performance and seize new opportunities.

We are providing a unique strategy political consulting for political parties, political leaders, individual politicians, election candidates, etc. We do the best progressive and trusted services to our political clients from forming party to pre-governance and post-governance.

With a commitment to excellence, integrity and confidentiality we strive to deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether our clients seek to thrive in the business world or make a meaningful impact in the political sphere, we are here to guide and support our both sector clients on every step of the way. Let's unite together to achieve the goals and drive positive change.


  • Business Consulting Services
  • Political Consulting Services


We are doing unique Business Consulting Services (BCS) to the various sectors and departments of the companies, industries, institutions, entrepreneurs, etc. We provide below listed customized, short-term, long-term, successful, profitable, confidential and trusted services to the clients.
  • Organizational Management
  • Administration Management
  • Business Strategy Management
  • Finance Management
  • Investment Management
  • Reviews and Audits
  • Risk Management
  • IT and Technical Management
  • Goods and Services Management
  • Customer and Client Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Soft Skills, Employee Training and Development Programs
  • Marketing and Sales Management Services
  • Advertisement and Digital Media Management Services, etc.


Lofty Consultants is doing customized Political Consulting Services (PCS) in India for political parties, political leaders, individual politicians and election candidates in any circumstances. We provide below listed strategies, short term, long term, successful, confidential and reliable services to our clients.

  • Political Strategy Management
  • Party Management Services
  • Leadership Development Services
  • Politician Management Services
  • Research and Development
  • Risk Management Services
  • Public Relationship Management
  • Political Training for various aspects
  • Database Management Services
  • Innovative Planning and Action Management
  • Alliance Management Services
  • Election Management Services
  • Expenditure Management
  • Candidate Management Services
  • Public Opinion Polling Services
  • Election Campaign Management
  • Press Media Management Services
  • Digital Media Management Services
  • Advertisement and Marketing Services
  • Governance Planning and Management Services, etc.


Office: loftyconsultants@gmail.com
For Business Consulting: loftyconsultantsbcs@gmail.com
For Political Consulting: loftyconsultantspcs@gmail.com
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